Monday, March 30, 2009

a little note: by leslie kuo

leslie kuo sent this gorgeous piece over, and i think it's a perfect message for you all today, after my funny video post earlier today-- see the bird saying "i love you"? yep. it's true. :) it was her first experiment with mod podge, and i think it was a success, don't you?

leslie moved from new york city to shanghai a few years ago, and is trying to demystify the shanghai art scene-- doesn't that sound like a fabulous adventure? wow! you can read her blog for her observations.

*thanks, leslie!*


  1. it's adorable ... tweet, tweet!

  2. thanks, everyone! the blog url is actually

    please email with anything you'd like to see or contribute...

  3. great blog check out mikegarlington1 on flickr