Thursday, March 12, 2009

nuts about you: by tamara garvey

hmmmm, for some reason i want some peanuts right now. i can't imagine why!
i think this illustration by tamara garvey is just the sweetest, don't you?

tamara says:

a lot of my other drawings, even the colorful ones with cute little characters, have sad or uncertain undertones. but i wanted my illustration of abundance to be pure, cheerful, and positive. so i thought about that the whole time i was sketching. i ended up with a baby elephant in coordinated rain gear enjoying a peanut rainfall, and what's more pure and cheerful than that? :)

it's true-- that's about as pure and cheerful as it gets! bring on those peanut rainfalls, or whatever feels abundant for you-- for me it would be grapes! i can eat them until i'm sick. literally. what would you want to be showered in?

visit tamara's website, etsy shop, and blog for cuteness galore!

*thank you so much, tamara!!*


  1. I would like to be showered in chocolate and strawberries...Yum!

  2. Thank you so much for your nice words, Jess! I am honored to be featured on your awesome blog. :)

  3. Love Tamara's illistrations!!! This one is so cute!
    Erin Keys

  4. Super cute and whimsical! Love it!

  5. tamara is definitely an awesome artist!! well, this would be painful if i didn't have an umbrella, but i would want to be showered in peanut butter m&m's. mmmm........