Monday, March 23, 2009

caroline pond's pecan photos!

good morning, my dears! i hope you had a fabulous weekend full of things you love to do, love to eat, and love to see, smell and hear. :) my weekend was lovely-- i spent a lot of time outside because the weather here in atlanta right now is just incredible. the trees are blooming, and it's full-on spring now. YES.

so speaking of georgia, some of you may know that pecans are abundant here (another reason the name pecannoot is so fitting for me, since i live, obviously, in georgia), so i was *thrilled* when i visited caroline pond's blog a while back and saw these photos of pecans and a pecan grove that she took in south georgia. she even mentioned pecannoot! i asked her if i could post them, and she said yes, so here you go. some pecans to start your week off in the most abundant of ways. :)

*thank you, caroline!*

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