Wednesday, July 1, 2009

flowers: by marianne konvalinka

oh, flowers. could there be anything more perfect in the world? marianne lives in idaho, and she wanted to share these beauties with us today.

she says:

i live in the high desert of idaho. we get 12 inches of precipitation in an average year (compared to Denver at 15.8 or Chicago at 38 inches). every spring when the wildflowers start to bloom i am amazed by their variety, hardiness, beauty, sheer exhuberance and abundance. these plants are perfectly adapted to their harsh environment and a great reminder to "bloom where you're planted. sometimes you need to find the right environment to thrive."

for much of the year, the beauty of our landscape is all about sky, open spaces, hills that roll on forever and mountains beyond. the flowers bring the focus down to earth for me, reminding me that small things can be grand too.

you can find more from marianne on her art blog and her dog blog.

*thanks, marianne!*

{ps- i meant to post yesterday but was playing catch up. if you're wondering, my trip to california was a huge and productive success, and my wedding plans are all set! i'm so excited. it's going to be goooooorgeous......}


  1. Not sure if it is true for Idaho, but the high desert of Nevada so much rain this year that the flowers have been more abundant that usual. It is so wonderful! and i totally agree- bloom where you are planted!


  2. Hi Jess! I have been MIA for about a month now...traveling all over but mostly California. I thought tonight about how much I have missed visiting your site and stopped by for A quick hello :) Noticed you were in Cali too. Where abouts? I'm in San Fran area right now and it's great! Loving every minute. Hope you are well. Glad to hear the wedding plans are coming along and a big, huge congrats!