Thursday, July 16, 2009

abundance: by Lori Portka

This is one happy painting! Lori Portka sent it over to us, saying:

Here is a painting of abundance that I did after a workshop I went to where we listed all the evidence of abundance that already exists in our lives.

I came up with a HUGE list- here are some of the things I listed:

flowers that are spilling over the window boxes at my house, abundant gardens, our new dog on the way, great closet stuffed full of clothes, trips to Europe, abundant friends, abundant sunshine, the kiln that was given to me, house full of books... and it goes on and on.

Let's all make lists of what is abundant in our lives! Here is mine:

I have more than enough money, I get to eat delicious and healthy food, I have a loving fiancé (who will be a husband in 2 weeks!) and a darling cat, I live in a place that is full of beautiful trees, I get to work for myself each and every day, I have great friends and a loving family, and ART! Lots of art.

This is just a beginning. What's your list?

To see more of Lori's work, check out her website and her blog.

*Thanks so much, Lori!*


  1. The start of my list: the most wonderful husband in the world, an incredibly supportive circle of family & friends, a roof over my head & good food in my tummy, the low humidity weather in NYC this month, delicious summer fruit, coaching clients (yay for an abundance of clients!), & amazing virtual friends (like you, Jess!).

  2. i love this blog....
    and i love listing all the ways that abundance is all around me..........
    and i love happy, giving, nuturing, people....

  3. This is a great one and boy is it a struggle for me to remember this lately.

    Here's just a few of the abundance filling my life:
    My loving and giving family...they are there for me when the going gets tough...always. Amazing friends like my neighbor who just brought me a sherbet and fresh melon treat. Amazing places and beautiful nature. Birds in my yard. Heat. Apricots. Love. Sun. Yes, amazing virtual friends with so much inspiration. Thanks everyone and thanks Jess!

  4. BTW, I forgot to say how much I LOVE this painting.

  5. Thank you Jess! I love your blog and your etsy shop.

  6. loving this painting. Loving the energy of focusing on abundance... thank you for this positive corner of the world

  7. Abundance and thriving with what you have is what it is all about!

  8. i loved the movement in this painting the moment i saw it. and the happiness that builds as your eyes move up through the picture. thank you!