Wednesday, July 8, 2009

magic show: by liv lane

i think this is just such a clever way of thinking about flowers, don't you? pure magic indeed. i think it's easy to just walk by things like flowers that we're used to seeing everyday and forget how spectacular they really are. but when you think about it, WOW! they are truly incredible, as is everything in this universe! why the heck is it all here? where did it come from? it sure seems like magic to me.

anyway, liv lane sent this image over from her site called One Year of Beauty.
at the top of her site it says:

"what happens when you choose to see the beauty in every day? life changes before your eyes."

it's amazing to me when i can remember to change my perspective on how i'm seeing or thinking about something-- life truly can change before your eyes if you're open to new ways of seeing. a flower can be a boring flower, or it can be a spectacular display of the perfection inherent in our gorgeous universe. that way of seeing seems much more joyful and fulfilling, doesn't it?

*big thanks to liv for reminding us of the beauty in our world!*

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  1. Yes! Learning to live in that moment-by-moment awareness adds such richness to our experience. Beautiful!