Thursday, July 9, 2009

say yes to life: by amanda fall

OK, somehow you people know exactly what to send me when I need it. Seriously-- I woke up to this an email from Amanda Fall this morning with this image attached, and it is exactly the reminder that I need today! I've been stressing lately about all the work I have to do before my wedding in 3 weeks (not to mention finishing up the wedding preparations!), and now I'm reminded that if I just say YES to it all, I was have plenty of time and everything will work out beautifully.

Amanda says:

Recently, I began participating in a creative challenge (100 items in 100 days; I chose art journal entries) and posting results daily on my blog . At first I held back, worried that I would run out of ideas and material if I threw myself in wholeheartedly. Instead, I quickly discovered that when I let myself create openly and freely, even more ideas effortlessly flow to me. Instead of becoming depleted, I'm rejuvenated. I'm finding this to be true not just in artwork, but in daily living: when I say yes to life, life says yes right back.

Unbelievable! If I say yes to life, I will feel rejuvenated instead of depleted? Sounds good to me.

Make sure you check out Amanda's etsy shop and her blog, where you can find much more of her lovely work.

*Thank you so much, Amanda!*

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  1. Thank YOU, Jess! I'm thrilled to be here. I've been wanting to send you an image for a while now, but kept chickening out. How great that the time I finally get up my nerve is exactly when you needed to hear the message. Love it. :)