Monday, July 13, 2009

time: by heather villars

so last week i was in a mild state of panic. this happens to me occasionally when i feel like i have waaaay too much to do and not enough time to do it. i compare myself to others who i think "could do all this with their eyes closed," have way more energy than me, are more talented, blah blah BLAH. what ends up happening each and every time, though, is that i have more than enough time to do it all, and everything always gets done. i put myself through this needless stress for absolutely no reason! when will i ever learn?

so imagine how pleased i was to receive this email from heather villars with this illustration attached and this description to go along with it:

I hate feeling rushed. I hate feeling like other people are farther and faster than me, that if I could be more productive, could do more stuff, could be more friendly, could try becomes an endless cycle of despair and not measuring up. Instead, I like to take deep breaths and remind myself that I have all the time I need. That good things (homemade bread, knit sweaters, close relationships, gardens) take time. And that I have enough time for all of it.

DEEP BREATHS. oh, how my life would change if i just remember this simple task in the middle of my bouts of worry!

check out more of heather's work on her blog called dreambird designs and in her etsy shop called tiny footprint (cutest name ever!), and also on these two funny blogs: this is me with a sign and you are the statue. they are very clever and amusing. :)

*thank you, dear heather, for the reminder and for your sweet illustration!*


  1. This is very true. We feel these constraints of time and all the should bes and should dos and really, there is just the time we have and just the things we do.

    In the end, what doesn't get done either isn't that important, or can be done at another time. If it comes back, then you know it's real and you can give your energy to it.

  2. it doesn't always feel like there could ever be enough time. slowing down and taking a deep breath is a good reminder for all of us.

  3. This is just a great reminder. Thank you for sharing Heather's work.

  4. You & I are so alike, Jess - I always think things are going to take way longer than they do, & freak out that "I don't have enough time"! But then I go & do what I need to, & realize not only do I have enough time but I have extra time (ie "I don't have to get this done tonight - it's not due for another 2 days! I can finish tomorrow or even the next day if I want!"). It's all needless pressure that we put on ourselves. We dumb. Thank God we're cute to make up for that craziness!