Tuesday, July 21, 2009

tell people: by heidi burton

i saw this image while browsing etsy recently and just had to post it, because i think it's so darn adorable. wouldn't our world be so much happier if we all told each other what we loved about one another? often i find myself judging what i don't like about people (people i don't even know! that's judging a book by its cover, i'd say.) sometimes i remember to turn it around and find something that i DO like about that person. it always helps make my day take a happy turn rather than an aggravating one.

anyway, this lovely little print is by heidi burton, and you can find it in her etsy shop. she also has a blog and a flickr page full of loveliness. go to it, my friends!


  1. fantastic!!! i love the "nice arse" one. we could all use more of those, i reckon.

  2. Love this - especially the nice arse!