Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the gardener's secret: by jacqueline adamo

This happy oil painting by Jacqueline Adamo is called “The Gardener’s Secret.”

She says:

It is an expression of the joy of simple things like flowers and the feel of the soil between your the smile on the face of someone you love. This piece is currently showing at the Cazenovia Public Library in Cazenovia NY.

Sometimes the joy of simple things really hits me, and it's such a good feeling. Usually it happens to me when I'm out walking in my neighborhood and looking at the trees.... there's something about trees that gets me right in the moment and reminds me how perfect everything in the universe is. I love that. Is there anything that reminds you to be in the moment and to appreciate the simple joys in your life?

To check out more of Jacqueline's work, visit her website!

*Thanks so very much, Jacqueline!*

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  1. I just met Jacqueline this past weekend- what a fabulous artist!