Wednesday, July 15, 2009

joyful pieces by violette clark

Oh boy, talk about a woman full of inspiration. Violette Clark sent over all these images, telling me that she is a gemini so she had a hard time choosing! ha, i love it. :) So, i figured i better post all of them!

Violette is an artist in British Columbia, Canada, and just wait until you see her studio! oh man oh man, what fun it must be to work in that space. {You can see a studio tour video on youtube!}

About these images, Violette says:

These images were originally created for my nephew who became paralyzed last year. I made one a week and laminated it and posted it on the wall in his hospital room. By the time he left the hospital the wall was littered with little snippets of inspiration.

(Recently Violette's book Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash your Inner Eccentric was published - the image above called "Journey" is from the book. You can find the book right here.)

What an incredible way to inspire someone who is probably feeling down in the dumps a little bit, eh? From what Violette told me, though, her nephew is doing well and sounds like he has a fantastically fun and positive spirit. Yay!

You can find more of Violette's work on her website and her blog.

*Thanks so much, Violette!!*


  1. they are great and it's definitely hard to choose a favorite. the inspiration is very powerful. i think 'there are diamonds in my own backyard' is so true and people are discovering it to be so more these days. the last one is a good reminder!

  2. Great post and blog!!! Violette really is an amazing inspiration!!!

  3. Yes..I know Violette personally and she is an incredible artist and such an all around creative and wonderful gal! So I popped over to see you from her blog! Cool!

  4. i adore violette and her doodles, and just got her journal bliss book last week. i first saw her work in the book Living the Creative Life last year, and knew i'd love her immediately when i read about her Magic Cottage and her Glittergirl van. i recently saw the intro video for her online journal class and my little girls were totally entranced by violette dancing around her backyard and watching her do collage. she's inspiring to people of all ages - one of the many wonderful things about her work!