Tuesday, July 7, 2009

salvaged wood 'abundance' signs: from art by mags

pecannoot reader amber leilani pointed me in the direction of these salvaged wood 'abundance' signs that she thought we would all enjoy-- and she's right! aren't they fun? amber is from new orleans, and she told me that these signs are made by a local new orleans artist (margaret coble, who works under the name 'art by mags.')

you can find several more in the art by mags etsy shop (also with different words like 'hope' and 'peace'), and if you're curious about who amber is, you can check out
her etsy shop, too, as well as her blog.

*thanks to amber for alerting me to these abundant pieces!*


  1. awesome i love how she is making art from recycled items. <3

  2. hey jess! thanks for featuring such a fun piece from a great new orleans artist!