Friday, July 24, 2009

beauty: by erin jane

i fell in love with erin mcnulty's illustrations the second i came across her etsy shop. they're so lovely and happy and positive! and i want a big vase of those flowers above in my house (real ones, of course. they smell better than drawn flowers!) i adore that illustration.

erin runs an etsy shop called erin jane, and also has a lovely blog. oh, and you can follow her on twitter if you want frequent updates!

i hope you all have a *terrific* weekend. i'll be doing last minute wedding stuff all weekend, as well as starting to pack, because we're leaving on tuesday morning! that means i have just one more post for you before i leave for a couple weeks, and people, IT'S A GOOD ONE. like, you won't want to miss it! be sure to come back on monday morning for a very special treat.... :)

see you soon!


  1. Thanks for this find - I just love it!

    Try to enjoy the weekend & all of the pre-wedding fun that goes with it, Jess!