Monday, April 6, 2009

birds + trees: by kim creagan

good morning everybody! i hope you had a lovely weekend. if you are anything like me this morning, you could use some abundant thoughts and reminders, so here is a fantastic one from kim creagan, complete with gorgeous illustration!

kim says:

I just got home from yoga where each night they have a "word of the night." Tonight's word was empty. We contemplated the idea that fullness is not always fulfilling. When you are so full of thoughts and worries that you put your dirty socks where you store your clean towels and your clean towels in your hamper (as I did tonight) you know it's time to rid yourself of some excess thoughts.

This definitely relates to abundance. True abundance is often found in the simplest things, and through simplifying you can have a more abundant life. That is something that is very hard for me to do, especially at this time in my life. But it is something that I am striving for.

This illustration reminds me that nature knows how to be abundant, yet simple at the same time. There are so many elements that depend on each other. The birds need the trees, the trees need the birds, yet those relationships and elements are never more complex than they need to be. They seem to have it all figured out.

this is a good reminder for me this morning to just let everything be as it is. so hard sometimes, but wow, what a powerful concept.

check out more of kim's work on her blog, in her etsy shop, and on her flickr page!

*thanks so much, kim!*


  1. i love her illustration and the message is so timely. thanks to you both!

  2. Adorable. I'm working on emptiness, right now. I just did a goddess spirit called "girl of the falling leaves," and it is in part about letting go of the things as they fall away, and appreciating the beauty of the now. I know it's not seasonal, but it's what struck me this morning, so she's the one that got painted.

  3. Thank you so much Jess for posting my illustration today! It made me so happy to see it on your blog. Having someone post my artwork is a real treat, but to have it on Pencannoot is even extra special. Cindy and Rowena, thank you too! Hugs.

  4. very cool illustration work. it takes a lot of work to make something look so "neat and clean" - and i mean that in the best of ways.

  5. I have to say- for some reason this post really stuck with me. Maybe it is because I too practice yoga or maybe just because it is just waht I needed to hear-
    Empty isn't a bad word- thanks for the reminder kim! thank you so much.