Tuesday, April 14, 2009

inner strength: by jodi ulschmid

i absolutely love the story behind this painting, and the way that jodi ulschmid used the experience as a metaphor for life. she says:

"inner strength" is an acrylic painting done on a wooden block. the painted text reads: "rise above your vulnerabilities, believe in your inner strength". this bird was hanging on to a bush outside my window on a very windy day. i knew i had to photograph it to eventually put it into a painting. watching the little bird that day made me realize what an amazing strength they must have to hang on to a branch through all kinds of bad weather. we can definitely relate that strength to our lives. some of us have huge boulders laying in our path, but with great determination and believing in our inner strength anything is possible. i truly believe in following your dreams, life is to short to let it pass by.

isn't that a wonderful insight?
to see more of jodi's work, please visit
her blog and her etsy shop!

*thanks so much, jodi!*


  1. I love this bird and the message that comes along with it. I just ordered a print of the photo from Jodi's ETSY shop. Thanks SO much for this post!

  2. Thank you Jess for sharing my work and inspiring so many of us! Thank you Sam for your support and encouragement!!