Friday, April 10, 2009

he turns negatives : by duy huynh

when i look at duy huynh's work, i am continually amazed with the thought and wisdom behind the paintings-- each one is deep and meaningful, and i can only imagine what an amazing and transformative practice it is for duy to create them.

here is what sandy, his girlfriend and lark & key gallery co-owner, has to say about this piece:

much of duy's work deals with transformation and triumph of the human spirit. in this piece moths represent the letting go of 'thoughts' that clutter our minds and finding 'the light' with that clarity. we constantly fill our minds with all kinds of wants, which are often misconstrued as needs. by letting go of them we can settle into ourselves, often finding the answer to our questions and problems or simply finding abundance in what exists rather than searching for more.

wow, it makes me realize how attached i am to the things i want in my life- what would it feel like to let those desires go and just be?

you can see much more of duy's work on his website, at lark & key, and on the lark & key flickr page.

*thanks, duy and sandy!*


  1. Wow... this is my first comment, though I have been visiting pecannoot almost every day from the start. Something about this painting in particular, and the words behind it, really compelled me to say something this morning. What an amazingly profound thought, letting go of desires and simply being. I don't think that I have ever considered such a perspective and the idea that it brings another transformation of ourselves, turning us into triumphant people... wow. It just blows me away. This, for sure, will be in the back of my thoughts whispering to me all throughout the day. Today is my 5th anniversary, too... what a day to contemplate such a suggestion!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jess for your additional words and the venue for sharing, to Duy for his fantastic painting, and to his girlfriend for providing awesome insight.

  2. This message was also much needed today. It's a beautiful work of art. Thanks again.