Thursday, April 23, 2009

bursting with sun: by kala pohl

what a bright sunny painting by kala pohl! wow, what would it be like to be living in that house right now? relaxing, is my guess. :)

here is a poem that kala wrote to go with her painting:

Wake up to the sun
on your face
Look out at this
beautiful place
Miles of sunflowers
in bloom
The joy-filled air
you consume

is your air joy-filled today? i'm going to make sure mine is!
because we get to choose, you know.

(if you are interested in hearing some really inspiring words about choosing your own thoughts, check out this podcast with mindset expert shelby collinge-- it's only available until this evening, so hurry! i listened to it last night and was totally inspired.)

and to see more of kala's colorful work, check out her website and her blog!

*thanks, kala!*

1 comment:

  1. wowow!!I love this piece by kala!! It has SO MUCH sun in it!!! All her work is colourful & she is a great blogging friend to have!!