Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the girls: by stephanie hight

immediately upon seeing this photograph by stephanie hight, i thought "she lives in boulder". boulder is my hometown, and i miss living there so much. those mountains in the photo are unmistakable!

anyway, this happy photo is stephanie and "her girls".

she says:

very few pictures of me exist, as i'm usually behind the camera. my dog, gwendy, who appears glued to my right leg, is a re-homed irish wolfhound. she is my love and my rock. anyone who knows wolfhounds will understand that isn't a far-fetched thing to say. abbey, my daughter, is showcasing her talent for fashion and her personality. she's all sass and strength and i admire her, even when she's difficult to parent. this was a saturday hike w/the fam at tellar farms, off valmont rd. in boulder. storm coming in and great flat light for photos.

what's more important than family? i don't think there's anything. and i'm learning that pets feel as much like family as people (we've had our kitty for 2 months now!), so i can understand stephanie's loving words about gwendy.

please check out stephanie's website to see all her wonderful photographs.

*thanks, stephanie!*


  1. A great moment captured! You gotta love a girl who loves spending fun time with her kid AND her pet! Oh yeah.

  2. I think that Abbey's dad, Thomas Hight, needs credit for actually taking the shot. I'm good, but not that good (grin). Thanks for all the kind words!