Wednesday, April 8, 2009

vintage corgis: by cindy krikawa

this photo is SO MUCH FUN. doesn't it make you want to start collecting some sort of vintage toy immediately? those cars are just so sweet!

cindy, from the fabulous blog quaint handmade, shot this photo, saying:

my husband scott still has the tiny english corgi cars he collected as a kid. i'm a total anglophile and love the cars, too. some of them even have rhinestones for headlights! so, i think abundance can come in small packages and represent wonderful childhood memories that are great to share. vroom, vroom!!!

i love it! abundance comes in packages of all shapes and sizes, in my opinion. for cindy and her hubby, it comes in the shape of little vintage cars and childhood memories-- so wonderful!

if you aren't a follower of cindy's blog, get thee over to quaint handmade right away. it is wonderful, and you will quickly become smitten with cindy. :) and you can see more of her photos on her flickr page, too!

*thank you, cindy, for this wonderful reminder about abundance this morning.*


  1. That's a great shot Cindy!! (Hi Jess!)

  2. oh wow, thanks so much for including us and your wonderful words, jess. we feel the same way about you and pecannoot!

  3. hi jess!
    love these...esp.the vw
    what a great pic

  4. Love "vintage", love toys and love photography! Thanks for introducting me to a new blogger who does too!