Friday, April 24, 2009

secret garden: by alma de la melena cox

oh dear, i don't know how alma does it, but every piece of art she creates is just incredible. i'm crazy about this one, called 'secret garden'-- look at the detail and texture around the tree roots!

alma says:

"secret garden" is about that place inside that is infinite, abundantly creative and knows that all is well. When I walk in the woods by my house, I can't help but feel the trees inherently have the wisdom of 'all is well' built in. We aren't always aware of the deep well of gifts within us, but what makes life so wonderful is that continual discovery.

i will leave you with that thought to ponder this weekend. alma says it so well. :)
{visit alma's website and blog to see much more of her work.}

and, by the way, this is my 100th post here on pecannoot, so thank you again for being here! i appreciate you all so much. have a wonderful weekend!

*thanks, alma!


  1. Oh - I LOVE this artwork more than words can say. the bottom half reminds me a littel of Klimt's work - who is incidentally my fave long time artist. Congratulations Alma!

  2. I am so happy! Thank you Chrissy and Jen for your wonderful words....and a HUGE thank you to Jess for posting it :). I love sharing my work!