Wednesday, April 15, 2009

yoga-inspired art: by lindsay satchell

the thing i love most about these gorgeous watercolors by lindsay satchell is how confidently she put down the marks. it is not easy to paint like that, let me tell you! there's a lot of trust involved in this type of work.

lindsay says:

i created these watercolor yoga images in appreciation for what that practice has brought into my life. The first, "updog," was inspired by my teacher who always said "let your heart be shiny!" when we did this pose. the second is "dancer's pose," which is a pose that inspires us to reach out and both offer and receive good things.

linsday has an etsy shop where i spied a lovely set of notecards with these yoga images on them-- hop over and check it out! (and also her blog!)


  1. Oh, this is so lovely! They would make a perfect gift for my friends! *running to her shop*

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  3. Absolutely beautiful. I love how the cobra watercolor includes a cobra following the lines of the yogi. Lovely! I am a yoga teacher, and these pieces of art are already inspiring my practice. Looks like I will be making yet another ETSY purchase today!

  4. Very elegant work and very inspiring.