Tuesday, April 7, 2009

go confidently: by mara girling

oh, how i need this reminder on a daily basis! why is it so easy to let fears get in your way of this?? i am so crazy about this illustration by mara girling that i can barely stand it. look at those colors! those flowers! it's perfection.

please click your way over to mara's website (she works under the name printspace with her husband nick), and her blog, too-- they have many goodies you can pick up for your very own (including mara's etsy shop here and nick's etsy shop here), and their work is just so adorable and inspiring!

*thanks, mara!*


  1. Very, very pretty and one of the all time best quotes, for sure.

  2. lovely. this is a lovely illustration to go with thoreau's quote. Here is an other good one: "There is no remedy for love but to love more." -Thoreau

  3. a beautiful rendering of one of my favorite quotes!

  4. Love everything about this. The quote, the illustration, the colors, LOVE it!