Thursday, April 16, 2009

photographs by melissa black

melissa black sent me a long, lovely email about abundance with these images attached, and it made me happy to read what she said about them. she said the images are:

"snippets of people interacting with the world and enjoying the privileges that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by. even the littlest of things is immense: a droplet of water alone may be small, but surrounded by others, by repetition, by abundance, they form a larger entity. every small thing counts: every person on the planet forms a part of the whole community. we, like droplets of water or a flock of birds or specks of sand, are the same: we have the same thoughts, feelings, emotions, functions, parts, features, etc and while that can be affirming, it can also be overwhelming. but to know that every part is essential for the whole to exist, i think, validates individual actions. we also each have tiny variations, and are not quite homogeneous. every action we take shapes our existence and so each should be considered: each should be a positive addition to our life. each thought counts, so think of something worthwhile."

this is something i've been thinking about a lot lately-- connecting to people as a whole, because we are all human beings, trying to do our best and make our way happily in the world. we are all necessary and important! otherwise, why would we be here? thank you, melissa, for the lovely reminder.

to see more of melissa's work, check out her blog, flickr page, and website!

*thanks, melissa!*