Friday, April 3, 2009

shift your awareness: by jess gonacha

oh dear. this is a biggie for me. every situation can be viewed in various lights. (think about an argument. isn't that exactly what's going on? people seeing the same situation in different ways.)

that said, what about the situations in your own life? i have a tendency to worry a lot and think negatively and defeatedly about certain parts of my life (for example, i have a lot of fear around money and use it as an excuse to not live fully. for as long as i can remember i've had this scarcity mentality, "i'll never have enough", that often governs the decisions i make and things i do. there's also "i'm never doing enough", which is a whole other beast!)

so i'm trying to remember in those moments (hours, days...) of worry and fear, that i have the power to turn it around. i control my own thoughts, yes? how about taking "i'll never have enough" to "i have everything i need right now"? how about taking the negative thought and turning it upside-down into something i'm grateful for? "i'm never doing enough" can become "i'm so grateful i'm healthy and able to do all the things i do each day. i'm so grateful i have hands with which to make things and eyes with which to see color", etc etc.

we can choose to see our world in a positive way or a negative way. the key is to remember we are choosing it, whatever it might be. it makes it seem silly to me that i often choose negativity, stress, and fear. but it's easy to forget-- that's why it takes practice. ;)

i hope you all have a fabulous weekend! mine will be filled with creating my wedding animation (looooooong project), painting painting painting, and working on some design projects for a couple of clients. oh, and plenty of walking in my neighborhood enjoying the spring weather and eating good food, too! those can't be skipped. what are your plans?


  1. This is such a wonderful reminder! I often remind myself that my attitude is usually the only thing I can change about most situations. It helps a ton!

  2. great reminder!
    have a great weekend! ♥
    my plan is a bike adventure for the day tmw (not sure where yet) and some painting on sunday. should be very sunny here in florida again this weekend, maybe i will remember the sunscreen this weekend.

  3. Hi Jess, How about this:
    "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6