Thursday, April 23, 2009

go outside and play: by jess gonacha

it's 80 degrees here in atlanta, and i'm having the hardest time concentrating! i want to go get an iced chai, i want to go on a run, i want to lay in the grass..... so when ryan gets home in an hour i'm going to convince him to go on a mini adventure with me! there are many things i need to do, but being outside in the gorgeous weather is just as important. it's good for the soul. :)

so go outside! take a deep breath! enjoy it!

i'll see you tomorrow. :)


  1. me too. the sun is almost out in seattle...and working is just too hard right now!

  2. this one is awesome jess!
    i'm going to need an adventure too after work today. the weather is lovely nothing but blue sky and sunshine- i love it. but i'd love it more if it was the weekend and i was freeee from work at least. ☺

  3. haha, i love this one. i am definitely going outside to play when my hubby gets home in a little bit!

  4. So jealous. 100 degrees in April is even hot for Arizona. Please do go outside and enjoy!

  5. Great idea. I should be out playing instead of soing art and poetry! Cool illo!