Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day!

happy earth day, pecannooters!
i hope you have some lovely green plans today to celebrate (and heal) our abundant earth.

for me, i'm going to talk to the people who run our apartment complex to see if they will consider getting some recycling bins and a recycling service going. now, ryan and i have to collect our recycling and drive it to the local recycling center, and i've watch people throwing away junk mail, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles...
it would make sense to start a recycling program here and educate people about why it's important. (although, honestly, i don't understand how anyone could not know the importance of recycling...) i've been procrastinating trying to get this set up, and today is the day! wish me luck.

anyway, these photos are of the winning t-shirt in the threadless loves green challenge that i entered-- unfortunately my t-shirt didn't win, but i really love the one that did! that pink color is great. all this week, threadless is donating $1 per order to, so order those t-shirts! $1 plants one tree, so by ordering a cool new t-shirt today, you could be planting a tree at the same time! sounds good to me.


  1. that shirt is cute but i sure do wish your lovely trees would have won. they still won my heart.
    happy earth day to you friend! i have the same problem at my apt complex. but the city has a recycling drop off basically right behind my house so i bring my recylables there i also gather tons of recyclables from work and drop them off there too. i should go speak to the lady that runs are apts too so more people will think to recycle. :)

  2. You might want to research the recycling thing...I was a volunteer at the Berkeley Ecology Center, which recommends against recycling plastic bottles, for instance - it's not cradle to cradle, that is, they go into making park benches rather than new plastic bottles - environmental/energy savings are questionable. I have, like you, the option of driving to the somewhat difficult to access recycling center (in Berkeley, run by the Ecology Center) - there's a single stream program in Oakland where I live. What's wrong with that? The vibrating belt which separates everything out shatters the glass, which then ends up in the ground - repurchasers want to buy glass which is one color, not greyish glass (according to an interview with a recycling company owner in Business Week). I've thought about rotational runs to a drop off site myself for my apartment complex.