Wednesday, April 22, 2009

make one: by betsy thompson

would you just look at this gorgeous piece by betsy thompson! *wow*
i just noticed the first dandelions of the year last week, (which is always a happy day because i love dandelions!), so this piece is especially lovely to me right now.

i think abundance is often about noticing the little things that make us happy-- what do you notice in your life that just makes you feel good? dandelions are one of those things for me-- i don't understand how anyone could ever think of them as weeds! they're so pretty and happy.

if you're not familiar with betsy's work (and even if you are), you must go have a look at her etsy shop and flickr page (where she calls herself urchinmama). her work is spectacular!

*thank you, betsy!!*


  1. i thought i was the only person who loved dandelions!

  2. love this one!
    I really ,ike how she put the flowers in each stage- bud, yellow bloom and then poof whisps.

  3. I like the white poofs and the wishes, too.

    And I've never had them, but I know you can make a salad from the greens.

    What's bad about dandelions?

  4. it's a wonderful piece and message, especially on earth day!

  5. yay! dandelions are pure happiness.

    and betsy is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. yay betsy!!

  6. I love the things hubby pulled one up last weekend and I fussed at him about it. NInnie

  7. The sunset when I'm walking home! I like right on the water (OK, there are building & a highway in between!), but when I look up on 96th Street towards the water I see some amazing colors & a beautiful sky. It always calms & humbles me.

  8. I *LOVE* her work & I've just seen her etsy & flickr- her work is just so happy making.