Wednesday, April 15, 2009

free abundance project!

my e-friend whitney emailed me about this amazing project yesterday, and i wanted to share it with you, because it's really spectacular!

jo dunning is hosting an abundance project TODAY, april 15, 2009, and all you have to do is add your name to jo's list, and she will focus individually on each name, sending a wave of abundance around the earth.

here are some other ways you can participate in the wave of abundance today:

1. On April 15, 2009, around noon in your local time zone, pause for a moment and imagine your life filled with spectacular, joyful Abundance. Feel how joyful and exciting life is with so much Abundance to share and enjoy.

2. Imagine what you would like to have more abundantly in your life, then give a little of that away to someone else. Give it freely, knowing there is more than enough to go around and it is easy to get as much as you want.

3. Go to a favorite non profit website and make a donation to their cause. Feel the Abundance of having enough to give some away.

4. Take a few cans of food to your local food bank and feel grateful for the Abundance of food you have in your life.

5. Go through your clothes closet and other possessions and give the extras to a local shelter. It is a great feeling to have so much that you have extra to share.

6. Smile at a stranger or assist someone, even in a very small way, like holding a door open for them, or letting them into the lane of traffic. Notice how good you feel offering even a small act of kindness.

7. Be aware of the many ways in your life you are already abundant and feel grateful.

8. Celebrate your Abundance as it arrives in both large and small amounts. Every act of appreciation creates even more joyful Abundance for you.

9. Learn more about The Five Laws of Abundance posted on this website under the Gold Coin button.

10. Know you are deeply loved and take the chance to believe all of this is truly possible.

what a wonderful way to celebrate tax day, wouldn't you say? :)


  1. Yes, I'd say it is! This is a great project...I am going to see how many of those things I can do today. Hopefully, I will remember these principles each and every day because that is what true abundance is about :)

  2. Well Said! Love it. Thanks for sharing.


  3. This has inspired me to do a little give-away on my blog's my first ever :)

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  5. I'm a day late but with no shortage of abundance - I love your blog - discovered you through JustineJustine!! come on over and visit me sometime: