Tuesday, March 24, 2009

adorable animals by sparklepaw!

i'm pretty much in love with each and every one of these cute critters by sparklepaw. the fact that they are saying uplifting things makes them all that much more sweet!

i think i've gotten a bit lazy in this super-speed, technology-filled world we live in-- i tend to send emails instead of making a simple phone call or sending a lovely card (i used to be the queen of sending lovely handmade cards for every occasion!), and these cards make me want to send special notes to the important people in my life, just because. :) there's something very luxurious and receiving mail these days, isn't there?

please check out all of the sweet goods in sparklepaw's shop-- there are cards galore, as well as cute mirrors, and more! i've been wanting a little mirror to keep in my purse lately, so i'm off to her shop to choose my favorite one!

you can also find her on twitter, flickr, facebook, and myspace. go stalk her everywhere! (in a good way. not a creepy way. ha!)

*thank you to leslie of sparklepaw for sending these my way! they are fantastic!*


  1. Sparklepaw's one of my favs. Super sweet illos and clever messages, plus terrific colours & textures. Wonderful stuffs, and great feature :)

  2. These are soooo much fun...I know some perfect people to send these to...will definitely be visiting their shop.