Thursday, March 12, 2009

abundancia: by justine standaert

you know how sometimes an image just hits you and really makes sense in a way that words don't? that's what is happening for me with this drawing by justine standaert-- it is an interpretation of a saying in spanish that says:

de la abundancia del corazon, habla la boca,

which justine says literally means, "the abundance of the heart is spoken by the mouth"... or "whatever your heart is full of, you will talk about it"...

it makes me think about what is coming out of my mouth that starts in my heart. for example, this morning my heart is feeling grumpy, and that definitely came out of my mouth this morning! sounds like it's time for me to turn that around so i can have flowers coming from my heart and through my mouth, as justine's gorgeous drawing suggests. :)

check out more of justine's work in her etsy shop and on her blog!

*thanks, justine!*


  1. that is a lovely illustration and message ♥

  2. This reminds me of the fairy tale Toads and Diamonds. The kind sister offers a drink to an old woman and is rewarded with flowers and jewels falling out of her mouth whenever she speaks. The nasty sister goes looking for the same gift, but she's mean to everyone she sees. The old woman makes toads and snakes come out of her mouth whenever she speaks. Such a powerful image. . .

  3. beautiful thought, lovely drawing.

  4. Hey Jess! I wanted to let you know that I chose you as one of the 10 to receive The Lemonade Award! Check out my blog to see what that's all about. Have a great day! :)


    PS-I love this print! I also love that you, as an artist, promote other artists' work as well. That's one of the reasons I chose you!