Friday, March 6, 2009

guided: by alma de la melena cox

i am absolutely enamored of this beautiful painting by alma de la melena cox-- the colors, the detail, everything. not to mention that the message contained in the piece is so so lovely.

in alma's words:

"from the moment we are born, we are being called, 'come this way, over here.' our guides are numerous and they love abundantly. they send us messages via notes, through stirrings in our soul and even through our darkest times. when we take notice and appreciate what surrounds us, more of what we want awaits us."

look how the guide figures are coming up from roots in the ground- what an amazing idea and imagery!

all of alma's pieces have this lush, rich feeling, and i think you will really enjoy looking through her website. and sneak over to her blog, too, because she has some lovely things to say and show.

*thank you a million times over, alma!*


  1. Thank you for posting the image Jess- I am honored :) and grateful. Alma

  2. I am totally in love with Alma's work... this piece is just, well, stunning!

  3. This piece is fantastic!! I love all the colors and movement. thanks for sharing.


  4. This is very moving. So beautiful and inspiring. Found you through Jess Gonacha on Twitter. :)

  5. Thank you for posting Alma's work! it is gorgeous!