Monday, March 16, 2009

wolves in love: by astulabee

nicole from astulabee is just so talented, isn't she? this collage is amazing. i think it's such a nice reminder to be nice to the people we love no matter what-- even when we are feeling wolfish. :)

(perhaps this is not at all what nicole meant by this piece, but it's what came to mind for me! that's what i love about art-- people will always create their own stories around a piece, even if the story was not intended.)

you can find nicole's work in her astulabee etsy shop, on her flickr page, and on her blog.

*thanks so much, nicole!*


  1. i love this collage it has such a lovely illustration and the colors are really great! ☺

  2. I am so happy to have found your blog lovely and what a wonderful idea! Yes, Nicole is SO very talented and I adore this print. I love your idea behind it!

  3. A very lovely collage and I always love your interpretations. You and Nicole are both inspiring!

  4. first thing that really made me smile today! awesome