Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hope: by melissa mcclain

ok, pecannooters. this morning's post a bit heavier than usual, but it's really a touching story, as you will see. i received an email from melissa mcclain, who is a magnificent photographer in new york city. i mean, just look at that image! *gorgeous*. one of her best friends, nicki, is living with cystic fibrosis and needs a double lung transplant, and melissa is sharing and showing her abundance in a wonderful way. she says:

"i wanted to send you a photo that I'm using to share my abundance. one of my best friends is living with cystic fibrosis. She is 33 and needs a double lung transplant. medical costs are very high for a transplant and she has daily medical expenses that most of us couldn't imagine. the photo i'm attaching is her favorite of my collection so we have made it a limited edition fundraiser piece with all profits going to her transplant fund. i'm sharing my abundance of love for her, support of her cause, and an abundance of "hope" for a cure for cystic fibrosis."

what an amazing friend! it makes me think about what i would do if someone i love needed this kind of support. i like to think i'd be as generous as melissa. below is a flyer for the fundraiser-- if you would like to purchase a limited edition print, you can do so on melissa's website. and you can also learn more about nicki's story right here.

good luck to nicki-- melissa says they received some good news recently, so they're gearing up to be her cheering squad! a big thank you to melissa for sending this over. i hope the fundraiser is a giant success!

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  1. I'm sending good and healing thoughts to Nikki. Hoping all the money she needs get raised.