Monday, March 2, 2009

saucers: by mary anne davis and teapots: by RaShell at doodlage

i decided to post these 2 images together because they are both kitchen related and make me think about how i relate to food, drink, and sustenance in general a bit differently.

the first image is by mary anne davis of davis studio, and here is what she has to say:

i consider the table a canvas upon which to create a temporary work of art which then is filled with food and shared by friends and family in conversation to relate the events of the day or sometimes to invent and embark upon new projects. the table as art. cooking as an art form. conversation is social sculpture.

doesn't it make you *really appreciate* the fact that we have tables at which to sit and eat and dream and good food to enjoy? you can visit mary ann's website, blog, flickr page, etsy site, and behance network page (whew!) for more of her lovely ceramic work.

and this second image comes from RaShell at doodlage-- sometimes it seems like a teapot has a personality indeed! i am a big tea drinker, so i can appreciate this image very much-- and also, perhaps, be more mindful while i'm drinking my tea that i'm oh so lucky to have it to drink. :)

make sure to visit RaShell's blog, doodlage, as well as her etsy shop!

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