Thursday, March 19, 2009

samantha spitzer and her birds

samantha spitzer sent over these fun paintings that she commissioned of her 3 parrots with this fantastic description:

i live with three parrots, all who teach me everything i need to know about abundance. not that i always listen, but at least i have daily messengers! my birds take just what they need, and leave the rest. they are role models of moderation, but also what it means to share sounds of joy at the top of your lungs. they are full of abundance because they know what it means to live with abundance at every moment, never going over the edge, never letting themselves dip below the line. always just right!

my baby birds, abundance in a ball of fluff!

the paintings are watercolors created by sue gill rose, an artist who lives in the seattle area,
like samantha.

samantha is a yoga teacher, so if you are interested and in the area, you can learn more about her on her website and her blog!

*thanks, samantha!*


  1. "what it means to share sounds of joy at the top of your lungs"

    This made me smile. There are about 30 cockatoos and corellas doing that exact same thing in the grevillias outside my bedroom window every morning at about 6am.

    Maybe I won't get so cranky if I think that they are only sharing their sounds of joy, as opposed to just plain SCREECHING!!

    Sue's paintings are lovely :)