Friday, March 6, 2009

leap: by lara crow

look at this happy pup! this is what i want to be doing today-- it's 70 degrees here in atlanta! that's most definitely worth celebrating with a flying leap. :)

lara crow originally created this image for illustration friday, and i love her explanation of the piece:

the title that week was
'blanket' and at first what came to mind was hiding under the blankets and being afraid of the dark as a kid- but then I started to think about other
stuff I used to do as a kid- like using a blanket as a cape and how much fun
it was (is!). i wanted the dog to look as if he had just launched into the sky in a big
mad joyful leap! :) hurrah! It makes me smile and feel braver about all the
general angst and self-doubt that creeps up on you.

isn't that wonderful?
check out more of lara's work on her website, and have a terrific, flying-leap of a weekend, my dear pecannooters!

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